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OCD Treatment

OCDMantra treats all ages, genders, cultural backgrounds and OCD subtypes

Our team of therapists is international, and we treat patients of all ages. We also welcome people from diverse backgrounds and respect all belief systems. We offer a wide range of therapeutic techniques. We are also committed to providing education for our clients and the community about mental health issues. OCDMantra provides the best OCD treatment in the world. You can download the best OCD treatment app from here- OCDMantra

OCD can manifest in over 300 different ways.

"Just Right" OCD  “Just Right” OCD

Reliance on things feeling perfect according

Contamination OCD  Contamination OCD

Obsessions about germs, sickness, and contagion

Existential OCD  Existential OCD

Intrusive thoughts around impossible questions.

False Memory OCD  False Memory OCD

Intrusive thoughts exacerbate the uncertainty of a memory.

Harm OCD  Harm OCD

Unwanted thoughts about harming oneself or others.

Hoarding OCD  Hoarding OCD

Acquiring things and difficulty discarding them

Magical Thinking OCD  Magical Thinking OCD

Belief your thoughts influence events in physical world


Thoughts that one is sexually attracted to a child.

Pure O  Pure O

Intrusive thoughts accompanied by mental rituals.

Real Events OCD  Real Events OCD

False narrative about how event in your life happened.

Relationship OCD  Relationship OCD

Thoughts and compulsions about a relationship.

Scrupulosity OCD​  Scrupulosity OCD​

Careful about one's actions & repenting for mistakes

Sexual Orientation OCD/SO-OCD  Sexual Orientation OCD/SO-OCD

Constant obsession about one's own sexual orientation.

Somatic OCD  Somatic OCD

Obsession with one's own physical movements or sensations.

Suicidal  OCD  Suicidal  OCD

Unwanted thoughts and obsessions around fear of killing oneself.

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“OCDMantra provides the amazing therapy for people suffering from OCD. It uses positive affirmations and deep breathing techniques to help you overcome your obsessive thoughts and compulsions. I have found that this therapy has been extremely helpful in managing my own OCD symptoms, and I would highly recommend it for anyone struggling with this condition and looking for effective OCD treatment.”

– Sharon