"Just Right" OCD

What is “just right” OCD?

Just right OCD (or J-ROCD in short) is a form of OCD in which individuals are obsessed with the idea that everything must be “just right.” This leads to extreme anxiety, distress and even panic attacks if things are not just how they want them to be. The condition has been described as checking for symmetry, whether something looks perfect or is aligned perfectly, etc. People suffering from J-ROCD typically check everything around them many times to ensure it is “just right.”

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Symptoms of J-ROCD

"Just Right" OCD

Some of the specific symptoms that people with this form of OCD experience include:

  • Obsessing over whether things are perfect or not, including symmetry and exactness in placement/orientation
  • Constantly checking things to make sure they are how the person wants
  • Experiencing extreme distress or panic when things aren’t just right
  • The need for things such as food, drinks, and other belongings to be perfect before consumption
  • Avoiding activities and situations where perfection is required in order to minimize anxiety
  • Distress when someone else touches their things without permission

Triggers of J-ROCD

somatic ocd


For example, they may be overly concerned with having their papers and books neatly filed away, or with making sure that all their clothes are hung up or folded in a very specific way.



For example, a person practicing guitar may feel that a certain note sounds ‘off’, & need to play it multiple times until it feels right – even if the tuning of the note has not changed.



For example, a person experiences a sudden, irrepressible urge to touch a surface repeatedly again and again after making initial contact with it.



For example, a person might need to express himself/herself with precision in written or spoken words (even while thinking) until it meets their standards of being ‘just right.’